International fishermen consider the golden dorado to be one of the world’s most powerful fresh water sportfish. The biggest fish of this species have been caught at Concordia. The Uruguay River is a tailwater below the large Salto Grande Reservoir. Fishing can be done year-round, except for a period in late October to mid November when the area is closed due to spawning.

In addition to fly fishing, spin or baitcast angling is permitted using one barbless hook in the lures. Anglers may also find large sardinatas, lachas and chafalotes, all of which are excellent fighters.

The dorado is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most exciting game species in the world. A voracious predator, its takes are as fierce as its fight. The sight of big Dorado, a flash of gold in the sunlight, leaping and tail walking on the end of your line is breathtaking.


US$300 per angler for a full day fishing program. Bookings must be made in pairs.


Types of Fishing

River Fishing

Fishing Techniques

Fly Fishing


Life Jackets

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Rods, reels & tackle

Full day program

One night. Fsihing day


Transfer from hotels dowtown Buenos Aires to departure site from usd 250 per person. TWO PERSON  MINIMUN

Deposit non-refundable
Deposit non-refundable under normal circumstances. If the captain cannot run the trip due to unsafe weather conditions, your booking can be moved to another date.